The Benefit of Simple Merchant Card and it's Store

ACard represents your membership in Simple Merchant, it is an identifier when shopping offline and online.

The Benefit of Simple Merchant Card and it's Store
The Benefit of Simple Merchant Card and it's Store

What kind of Goods can I purchase in the store?

The store is designed to make your online shopping experience worthwhile, its product search engine simplifies the process to identify, products and merchants. as you key the name of the product or desired percentage cash back or discount our search algorithm pops up products and merchants that match your query. As a business owner or merchant, it is easy to upload your products to your store. Simple merchant is a hybrid e-commerce platform designed with your interest in mind to retain loyal customers who represent your business FANS based on the user experience both online and offline while shopping in your store. The store allows you to list different products and categories in your store. The store helps you to take what you have offline into the online world to expose your brand and products to a bigger community just with a store link issued by a simple merchant.

Why is our store different from other stores?

Simple merchant stores or market place is uniquely different from other stores in the following ways :

  • Every product listed on the simple merchant store has either a cashback or a discount.
  • The discount earned runs on the blockchain. This allows loyal FANS to own their discount, store it and decide how to spend the discount across multiple partnering stores in the marketplace.
  • Offer merchants multip ways to get paid for their products: WhatsApp check out, Wallet check out, discount card checks out, BMToken checks out and remote pay code checks out.
  • Integration of logistics service to deliver items shopped by our members online to their doorstep. This dispatch picks the product from the vendor's doorstep.
  • The store supports a lifetime residual rebate as shopping is done that is associated with a discount to reward, the merchants, customers, and the sponsor of the customer with FREE BMToken which runs on the blockchain.

What is the benefit of a Simple Merchant Card?

 The Simple merchant virtual discount Card is not an ATM card, it represents your membership in simple merchant, it is an identifier when shopping offline and online. All who desire to enjoy negotiated discounts and cashback on simple merchants can only get this via spending with the virtual discount or physical cards. It is a lifetime discount card that does not expire all discount and cashback is linked to the card. It is one of the checkout options when you shop as a member of the simple merchant. Credited value in the discount card must be used across all merchants on the marketplace; members exchange discount value with products of merchants listed in the marketplace. The card can also serve the purpose of a gift card given to a loved one to shop and enjoy discounts from merchants in the marketplace.

Who are the users of Simple Merchant?

 Users of Simple Merchant are FANS of the simple merchant; they cut across registered members who applied for our discount card, merchants that use our marketplace, drivers who use our Biffy dispatch service, vendors that send items through Biffy on Simple merchant, and all our onboarded Agents strategically position to serve simple merchant FANS.