As a simple merchant ambassador, you enjoy the FAN status across all our merchant partners to get rewarded with a web 3-supported loyalty reward called BMToken.


Simple Merchant is a hybrid platform for small and medium-scale businesses that do not have the technical capacity can integrate their business to issue web 3-supported loyalty rewards to their customers and fans in less than 5mins. Aligning their business with a simple merchant vision to serve her ambassadors and advocates.

- Our mission is to educate, equip and create awareness of the next phase of consumer loyalty reward supported by web 3 / blockchain technology.

- Our goal is to challenge the traditional loyalty reward system that does not empower consumers with the right of ownership of earned rewards as loyal customer of any brand or merchant.

- We are a movement committed to converting 100,000,000 customers/consumers that love or have earned loyalty rewards to become Simple merchant advocates/ambassadors.

- By becoming a simple merchant ambassador you enjoy the FAN status across all our merchant partners to get rewarded with a web 3-supported loyalty reward called BMToken.

- Our long-term goal is to empower our ambassadors and advocates with the knowledge and the right use of their purchasing power only with merchants or businesses whose loyalty reward is supported by web 3 or blockchain technology.

Our second objective is to train and equip all our ambassadors and advocates on using simple merchant 3rd party team-build tools. 

- This tool supports global affiliate programs in which our advocates share value offered by 3rd party affiliate companies and program within the simple merchant advocates and ambassadors community.


- You Must Be Invited By An Existing Ambsdor / Advocate.
- Register Through The Link Of An Existing Ambssdr Or Advocate.
- Get Your Own Simple Merchant Link And Invite Other Amabassdor Or Advocates.
- Registration Is Free.
- All Ambassadors /Advocates Must Endeavour To Invite A Minimum Of 10 Amabssdors Within 72 Hours.


- There Are 2 Listed Global Affiliate Company Now Open To All Amabssdor And Advocates.
- After Your Registration Lock Your Intrest For Free By Login Into Your Simple Merchant Account, Under The 3rd Party Affiliate Section Click And Register On The Available Affiliate Company Displayed To You.
- Update Your Affiliate Link In Your Simple Merchant 3rd Party Team Build Tool.

Would You Want To Be Among The First Affiliate Community In The World To Get Trained On How To Mine And Create Tokens, Using The Global Transaction Fees On the Blockchain Netwiuk Of Bitcoin And Ethereum:. - -  

- How You Create New Tokens Every 24 Hours And Trade Them On The Exchange.
- How You Can Mine 10 To 20 Tokens Daily That Is Tradable.
- How This Knowledge Can Be Applied As Future Guaranteed Insurance For Your Child Or Loved ones.
- Our Advocate And Ambssdors Will Be Among The First To Learn About A New Affiliate Reward Concept Of Crypto Exchange, Does Not Follow The Tradition Rules Of Exchange Reward Based On Hight Trade Volume That Can Be As Much As 10m Dollars To Get a $ 1000 Rebate. 

By Becoming A Simple Merchant Amabssdor Using Our Team Build Tool, You Will Be Traning On How To Earn  A Minimum Of $ 500,000 Annual As An Affiliate Of This Exchange With Less Than $28.

This Opportunity Is Open To The First 10,000 Simple Merchant Ambassadors.

- Simple Merchant Advocates And Ambssdors Are Drivers And Promoters Of 100% Ownership Right Of Loyalty Reward Isseded Or Earned In The Industry.
- We Are Promoters Of Web 3 Or Blockchain Powered Loyaty Reards.
- By Joining Our Ambsddors Community You Get Automatic Access To Our Mining Community Trained On the Use Of the Global Blockchain Fee To Mine Or Create New Tokens.
- Our Amabsddors Are Traning To Lead The Way In Opening This New Type Of Exchange Affiliate Reward That Accommodates Every Across Different Economic Strength  Using a Simple Merchant Team Build Tool For At Least 12 Months.
If You Missed Out During The Early Days Of Bitcoin Mining, As A Simple Merchant Amabssdor You Will Be Equipped To Lead The Next Drivers Of Web 3 Powered Solution With Knwlwgw And Traning.

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I Want To Say Congratulations In Advance As You Take The Bold Step To Join Our 100m Amabssdors Goal That Advocates For 100% Loyalty Reward Ownership And The Use Of a Simple Merchant Team Build Tool To Create New Tokens And Earn Affiliate Reward From An Exchange Supported By Web 3 / Blockchain Technolgy.